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The Chartered Institute of Journalists currently has four charitable funds from which it dispenses financial support to members and their families.

With combined investments totalling in excess of £3.1 million, support may be provided for varying needs including: short term financial hardship, interest-free loans to cover the replacement of lost or damaged equipment, support for funeral expenses, support for children of members who have died or been incapacitated in some way, monthly pensions for elderly claimants and support for members recovering from illness or operations. In all cases the claimant must be experiencing financial hardship.

Our Funds as they stand are:

The Orphan Fund: The object of the Fund is to maintain, educate, support and encourage qualifying children of Institute members, of any category, of the Institute of Journalists. To be eligible to receive assistance from the Fund, children must have lost the support, through death or total incapacity, of one or both parents. A surviving parent must be in such circumstances as to require financial assistance for the education and proper support of the children. A child may also be considered as an orphan, if the Orphan Fund Committee consider that a parent or parents are unable, temporarily or permanently, to provide proper support. Children shall be eligible for assistance from the Fund up to the age of 18 years but, at the Trustees’ discretion, assistance may be given during any period of higher or further education beyond that age, or in any other special circumstances.

Currently the Fund supports three beneficiaries; two in statutory education and one in higher education. Monthly support is provided for subsistence and for costs of living (accommodation). In addition, beneficiaries also receive birthday, Christmas, holiday grants and, where necessary, costs of education.

The Orphan Fund is by far the biggest in terms of value, with investments totalling just under £2.5 million.

Benevolent (and Widows) Fund:  The object of the Benevolent Fund shall be to relieve cases of indigence or distress among all classes of members of the Institute and dependants of deceased members of the Institute in whatever class.

Support is provided to members in financial hardship, and may be provided by way of a grant or a loan. Grants are made ad-hoc when applications are received from members or their dependants.  Trustees may opt to provide a one-off grant, or to provide assistance spread over the course of a set number of months.

The Benevolent Fund has investments of just under £275k.

Pension Fund: The Fund provides a small monthly pension payment, and provides extra grants for birthdays and Christmas. To be considered for an Institute pension the applicant must be a member of the Institute, and have been in membership for a period of not less than ten years immediately preceding the application. Applicants must be not less than 60 years of age or, without having reached that age, have through some infirmity, become incapacitated from earning a livelihood.

The Fund currently supports four pensioners, but it can support up to seven in total from the present value of fund.

The Pension Fund has investments of just under £225k.

Oak Hill and T P O’Connor Fund: This fund is slightly different from the other Institute charities because it may dispense assistance to members and non-members alike. Because of this, the Charity Commission sees it differently and it is not, therefore, part of the merger proposals.

This fund assists journalists who are recuperating after illness and to pay towards medical treatment, and assists with the maintenance of sick and aged journalists in poor and necessitous circumstances.

The Oak Hill and T P O’Connor Fund has investments totalling just over £200k.

Note: please contact CIoJ Head Office for a full copy of the rules regarding applications for assistance.