The CIoJ’s submission to the Leveson Inquiry has been submitted.  Members may read it here…

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  1. Back in 2007 I was cover a 4 star equestrian event in Southern France where I had previously sold images to a number of nationals, including the Mail on Sunday of Zara Philips falling off a horse. A strict rule is we only sell images if the rider and horse are not hurt. We do however supply (Not Sell) to owners, riders or Vets) to better understand how the incident happened, so that such incidents can be avoided in the future. We make no charge for this, we call it being professional.

    The year after I was at the event again 2008, unfortunatly this time Ms Philips was hurt with a broken collar bone and I was getting a large number of calls insisting I should supply images. I never did and in the end warned Ms Philips the press were after her and she managed to take an alternative route home that avoid all the mainstream airports and obviously the press. They even suggested I take a picture of her in a sling!

    This as far as I could see had no public interest and all the national media want to do is most of the time at these equestrian events is harass Ms Phillips.

    I believe my ethics and morals are utterly professional however the presure put on a number of my fellow colleagues, such as the above example is unacceptable.

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