This allows us to keep in touch with members who use the leading social networking site, and also to recruit new ones.

Our Facebook page is open to all users, whether members of the CIoJ or not.

Updated daily, it carries information about the Institute as well as links to news about our profession and the industries in which we work.

Each day we trawl through dozens of news sources looking for items of interest, including trade publications, the daily press and the websites of media organisations, both in the UK and abroad.

Anyone logged onto Facebook can see the page, read information posted there and follow up the links. Those who register as “fans”, in the Facebook jargon, see all posts and links on their own pages without having to switch to the CIoJ page.

The page was set up in late July, and at the time of writing has 23 fans, about a third of them Institute members.

The Facebook group is “closed”, which means that people can become members only by applying to its administrators, or by being invited to join.

It carries far more information about the Institute than the page, as well as links to other organisations which members might find useful, such as the NCTJ, Insi, the PCC and Mediawise; campaigns, such as Save the Observer, Frontline and Article 19, and blogs, including Gentlemen Ranters (memories of the “golden days” of Fleet Street).

The group can also be used to get debates on important issues going. The current one is “are bloggers journalists?”, a question which is exercising council as more and more bloggers apply to join the institute.

The group also carries photographs of the elected officers of the Institute.

Both the page and the group are new creations and work in progress. We will add more and more useful information over the coming weeks and months.

We hope all CIoJ members who are on Facebook will become fans of one, and members of the others, and draw them to the attention of friends and colleagues through Facebook’s networking tools.

Please let the administrators (general secretary Dominic Cooper and council members Alun Hill and Charlie Harris) know what you think of this new resource so far, and offer suggestions of what you would like to see posted.

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