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The CIoJ has submitted its suggestions as to how the Press Complaints Commission’s Editors’ Code may be improved in order to help journalists go about their duties as the eyes and ears of the public.

The CIoJ’s submission may be viewed here


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  1. Excellent handling of a sensitive issue by the CIoJ. The question of ‘copy approval’ is crucial to this. How can journalism be objective if those written about can veto it? They already do so with advertorials and some popular publications. If the day comes when vested interests can determine what journalists write and publish, free speech – and access to crucial information – will have been eliminated by all those who profit by silencing the truth.

    • Paul Francis Leighton April 16, 2013 at 5:01 pm · ·

      The Institute response on this is very measured. Colleagues will not be surprised that I feel that one or two lines are too measured ‘copy approval is not something…the CIoJ would find acceptable’ Quite frankly that was the kind of understatement which the IoJ used around 1912! And this issue is the crux of the issue!

  2. Very good point and unfortunately this seems to be happening a lot more these days. Usually for financial reasons.

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