Ten commandments of dos and don’ts


Most violent demos happen at night

  • Wear dark clothing
  • Carry the minimum money necessary
  • Use a mobile phone discreetly


Carry a minimum amount of equipment

NO bulging camera bag or laptop computer


Don’t use flash

It’ll pinpoint you, and you may get a brick by return


Don’t wander off on your own

Stick with colleagues, or in sight of police lines.


Always try to be on the move

Don’t stand still for more than a few moments; you tend to stay alert if you’re on the move, and always be aware of what’s going on around you.


Don’t hold extended conversations on your mobile phone

It’ll distract you from what’s going on around you. If the office keep calling you, tell them to stop. You’ve got a riot to cover.


Use a concealed zip fastened pocket for valuables

If you must carry valuables like a credit card, use a concealed zip fastened pocket for this, and the bulk of your cash. Carry a fiver in an outside pocket ready to “make available” in case you get mugged…if they see your pocket is otherwise empty, they may move on.


Do not take anything for granted

Know. Be certain and don’t attract attention to yourself by your clothes or by your actions.


Do not be foolhardy or macho

That last good quote or last good photo should not be your last.


Do not imagine it can’t happen to you – IT CAN!