The Stone Roses issue a rights grab contract

[frame align=”right”][/frame]Photographers are being warned about the Stone Roses “photo release form” which includes a rights grab clause.

Any photographer who wants access to The Stone Roses’ concerts must sign a contract which bans them from supplying images to a wide range of publications unless express permission is first granted by the band – aka Ian Brown, John Squire, Gary Mounfield and Alan Wren.

Numerous photographer groups have vowed to boycott the concerts in protest against the band’s position.

Chartered Institute of Journalists General Secretary, Dominic Cooper, said: “These contracts are abusive because they stop freelance photographers making money from their own creative work.

“Given the band’s principled approach to other unfairness (they supported the anti-Section 28 concert in May 1988) it is woeful that they have adopted this attitude towards photographers who are trying to earn a crust.”

A copy of The Stone Roses photographic contract can be found here


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