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Winter 2022/23

  • UK government to call for evidence regarding open justice

    The government will launch a wide-ranging call for evidence in 2023 following the publication last year of the Justice Committee’s open justice report into court reporting in the digital age. The Institute made a significant contribution to the report, seeking statutory clarification of the rights of media organisations to documents quoted in evidence, and, exposing…

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  • CIoJ photographer’s copyright case upheld

    Institute member Stephen Daniels has had his data protection complaint upheld by the Icelandic Data Protection Authority. Daniels was forced to make a complaint against IMS Vintage Photos after the company published his personal details on the internet. His personal information was printed on the back of a photograph which had been supplied to the…

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  • The BBC’s first journalist and newscaster was a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Journalists

    Arthur Richard Burrows was British broadcasting’s multiple pioneer. He was the first journalist to be employed by the nascent British Broadcast Company in 1922, its first director of programmes for its first London radio station 2LO, the first person to compile and present a news bulletin for the BBC, The BBC’s first ‘Radio Uncle’ for…

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  • The suppression of journalism freedom in Myanmar

    It is no exaggeration to say the destruction of human freedoms in Myanmar following the military coup of 2021 means innocent and good people repeatedly hear the bang on their door at three o’clock in the morning and find themselves arbitrarily dragged into a nightmare of imprisonment, humiliation and inhuman treatment. This has been the…

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