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Autumn 2017

  • Have you joined ALCS and DACS?

    This short note is all about copyright, by no means a boring subject, and definitely one that professional journalists should be interested in – so please read on. You might well learn something to your advantage. As their names indicate, ALCS (the Authors’ Licensing & Collecting Society) and DACS (the Design & Artists’ Collecting Society)…

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  • Before Spin

    Before Spin

    by Keith McDowall published by Melrose Books, 385pp, £16.99 When I joined the Government Information Service (GIS in 1964, Keith McDowall was the Daily Mail’s Industrial Editor. I first came across him when I was working in the Press Office of the newly formed Ministry of Technology the following year. But Keith was to have…

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  • Flash Harry honoured at Proms season

    This year’s Proms season paid handsome tribute to a conductor who, in his era, could claim to have made the famous summer concert season his own: Sir Malcolm Sargent – often referred to as “Flash Harry” (because of his immaculate white-tie-and-tails, slicked-back hair, white-carnation-in-buttonhole appearance). At a Prom on July 25, one of today’s music…

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  • Cancer – It could be you

    Cancer can happen to anyone. It’s not the lifestyle we lead (although being overweight and drinking too much doesn’t help) – even the slimmest, fittest, vegetarian teetotallers get it. The NHS now says that one in three of us will end up with the disease, but we live longer today, and mostly it’s an older…

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  • BBC Swahili celebrates 60 years of broadcasting

    BBC Swahili is celebrating its Diamond Jubilee this year and has broadcast special 60th anniversary editions of AMKA na BBC (radio) and Dira ya Dunia (TV and radio). These programmes have tracked the growth of the Kiswahili media industry, the impact of democracy and how BBC Swahili has touched listeners’ lives. The service has also…

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  • The Privacy v Open Justice case the media could not afford to lose

    On 19th July this year the UK Supreme Court ruled on a case that had previously been known as PNM v Times Newspapers. It is one of the most significant media law judgements this century. If the media had not been successful it is arguable that Open Justice as a vital principle of transparency and…

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