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  • Riot assaults no surprise

    News Release 8 SEPTEMBER 2011   NEWS that journalists have been injured and their lives put at risk while covering the recent riots has angered the Chartered Institute of Journalists (CIoJ). The Institute has been warning of the dangers for some years and produced its guide to safety “Revolting Britain” in 2005. General secretary Dominic…

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  • Riot footage demands put journalists at risk

    NEWS RELEASE 2 SEPTEMBER 2011 DEMANDS by police for media organisations to hand over footage obtained during the recent riots could lead to journalists’ lives being put at risk, says the Chartered Institute of Journalists. Earlier this week it was reported that numerous newspapers and broadcasters – including The Guardian, The Times, BBC, Sky News…

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  • Weekend of violence proves need for greater safety awareness training for journalists

    NEWS RELEASE 25th October 2005 Attacks on journalists by rioters in Birmingham at the weekend have given the media industry a stark warning that it must take the safety of its journalists seriously and implement training and issue safety equipment as basic requirements, says the Chartered Institute of Journalists. Journalists have always found themselves targets…

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