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Book reviews

  • Before Spin

    by Keith McDowall, published by Melrose Books, 385pp, £16.99 When I joined the Government Information Service (GIS in 1964, Keith McDowall was the Daily Mail’s Industrial Editor.  I first came across him when I was working in the Press Office of the newly formed Ministry of Technology the following year.  But  Keith was to have…

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  • The Encrypted Pocketbook of Passwords

    How many of you have separate passwords for each website that you access?  Not many, I bet, although security experts all say avoid using the same password over and over again.  The problem for us all is remembering different passwords without committing the dreaded sin of writing them down. Well this little book encourages you…

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  • Sherlock Holmes and The Sword of Osman

    The Magus-like figure of Sherlock Holmes – the inscrutable detective, almost superhuman in his intellect and asceticism – has caught the imagination of writers, dramatists, film-makers, and a worldwide readership. The London fogs of the Victorian-Edwardian era, the bizarre mysteries which they conceal, Holmes’s extraordinary ability to see beyond the range and vision of mere…

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  • The Chinese Magus

    In ancient China, Governor Xiang Li contemplates his realm, his administration, his philosophy – and the heavens. An astronomer, he regularly escapes from day-to-day cares via an “inner kingdom” – a rose-scented, turret enclave in semi-darkness at the end of a long, spiral staircase. A servant, Kwon Ru, has placed food and drink before him,…

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  • 1913 – The World before the Great War

    “At Easter 1913 Tsar Nicholas ll gave his wife Alexandra a remarkable present: a golden Fabergé egg. Its exterior was sumptuously decorated with golden double-headed eagles, imperial crowns and eighteen exquisite miniature portraits of the Tsars and Tsarinas of the Romanov dynasty stretching back to Nicholas’ distant forebear Tsar Michael, who had become Russia’s leader…

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