The CIoJ is one of the original gatekeepers for the National Press Card (NPC), which is issued to its Full and Trainee members.

The card is the UK’s only national Press card recognised by all sections of the media and by the police service. It is only issued to professionals directly involved newsgathering, They include journalists,photographers,TV  cameramen, sound recordists and people who directly support them such as dispatch riders, engineers, and broadcast vehicle drivers. Foreign journalists based in the UK are also eligible.

The card is issued by any one of 16 Gatekeepers.  The copyright in the design of the card is owned by the UK Press Card Authority.  The only variation in the cards design is the card issuers logo, which is carried on the top right-hand corner of the card.

Newsgatherers do not have to carry the card. You may need to use alternative means of identifying the person.

The definition of eligibility is that a card carrier must be working “professionally as a media worker who needs to identify himself or herself in public.” The principal occupations covered are reporters and writers, photographers, film and video camera operators and crews and other broadcasting workers such as producers, researchers etc.

The UK Press Card Authority