The objects of the Oak Hill and T P O’Connor Fund are to assist financially journalists, whether Members of the Institute or not, who are recuperating after illness and to pay towards medical treatment, and to assist with the maintenance of sick and aged journalists in poor and necessitous circumstances.

The Fund (an amalgamation of two historic funds) has a limited endowment. It is not able to provide funds for continuing medical or nursing care.

How to apply

Members who find themselves in need of support should download an application form by clicking the link below. Once completed, the form should be sent to Dominic Cooper at head office marked ‘confidential’ (address on the form and in the contacts section of this site).

Please be assured, all details of, and communications regarding, an applicant or their application are dealt with in the strictest of confidence.

Once the form has been received it will be sent to the Trustees of the Fund for their consideration. Their decision will be communicated back to the applicant and any approved grant money will be paid directly into the applicants account.

[note color=”#D1F26D”] Please note the following rules apply to Institute Charities:

  • No claim on provident or other benefits may be made by a member (in any class) in respect of a condition (medical or otherwise) pre-existing at the time of that member joining the Institute, unless and until that member’s continuous duration of membership exceeds five years.
  • No provident or other benefit of any nature to any individual Member or person shall exceed £3000 by way of gross sum or £1000 by way of annuity.
[/note] [fancy_link color=”white” link=””] Click here to download the form [/fancy_link]
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