Below you will find a list of membership categories and the requirements you must fulfil in order to gain membership.  Don’t forget to look at the membership deals we have on at the moment and if you have any queries you may call, +44 (0)20 7252 1187, or email .

    • Full member – Candidates must be solely employed in Journalism or Public Relations for more than one year, or their main source of income is from Journalistic activities.  Subscription rate – £195 pa


    • International member – Available to those who apply for FULL membership but who live overseas or work for an overseas employer.  Subscription rate – £133 pa


    • Trainee member – Available to candidates who are solely employed in Journalism or Public Relations but who do not possess the one year’s experience for full membership. After a period of one year they will automatically become a Full Member. Subscription rate £97.50, but if you are under 25 this might be reduced to £20 pa. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS


    • Affiliate member – Available to those who work at least part-time in an area related to Journalism. Affiliates do not receive a Press card.  Subscription rate – £133 pa


    • Student member – Available to those candidates who are on a full-time training course or scheme in Journalism or Public Relations which is recognised by the Institute. If you are applying for Student membership, please enclose details of the University and course being attended.  Subscription rate – FREE for first year


  • Retired member – This grade of membership is only open to existing members of the Institute who cease their writing activities but who wish to remain in contact with the Institute. Retired members do not qualify for a Press card. Subscription rate – £30 pa

Download an interactive pdf here, or click the link on the left, to use our on-line application form.


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  1. Peter D Griffith October 6, 2009 at 9:47 pm · ·

    Dear cioj
    I would like to apply for student membership I am a mature student ,studying visual arts at Dartington college of arts is there a facility as i am older than

    • Hi Peter,

      As a student you could apply for student membership, which is free for a couple of years.


  2. I’m from Somalia and want to thank Cioj for giving out this opportunity for the students, Other international organisations do not have this service.

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