Members of the Chartered Institute of Journalists (CIoJ) in London and Lancashire laid twin wreaths on Remembrance Day, in memory of colleagues killed whilst reporting at home and abroad.

CIoJ Vice-President, Macer Hall, Political Editor of the Daily Express, took part in the Cenotaph service on Sunday, 11 November, in memory of journalist colleagues who died reporting on the Great War, and in numerous conflicts since.

At the same time, CIoJ President, John Thorpe, MBE, columnist on the Yorkshire Evening Post, laid a wreath at the war memorial in Preston to highlight the fact that more than 163 journalists were killed during 2007 alone.

The dangers that journalists face as they cover armed conflicts are well known to those in the industry but the public should know about the risks faced by journalists who strive to keep them informed.

We salute all journalists who have died to make the truth known.


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