7 November 2014

[frame align=”left”]Robin Morgan[/frame]Robin Morgan, Fellow and Past President of the Chartered Institute of Journalists

We are sorry to inform you that Robin Morgan has died.

He died peacefully in the early hours of Tuesday (4 November) after being taken into hospital at the weekend. Robin had fought a long battle with cancer, which ultimately took his life.

Robin was a seasoned hack of the old-school. He was still at school when he started work for the Blackpool Gazette, submitting soccer and cricket reports. He briefly joined the staff there before moving over the Pennines to join the Barnsley Chronicle and then the Yorkshire Post. He joined the Institute in 1979 and was an active member of Yorkshire Region ever since. He also held a number of senior positions including Chairman of the Salaries and Conditions Board, President (1993/4), Member of Council, Chairman of the Professional Practices Board (PPB) and Trustee of the Orphan Fund.

Robin, like his good friend Charlie Harris who died earlier in the year, was an Institute stalwart through and through. He showed endless kindness and compassion to fellow members during the 35 years he was in membership. His death is a great loss for the Institute and the many friends he has in the organisation.

Funeral arrangements

Robin’s funeral will take place on Monday, 17th November at 2.00 pm at the Ardsley Crematorium, Ardsley, Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

Following the cremation, a reception will be held at The Holiday Inn Hotel, Dodworth, Barnsley. We would be very grateful if we could have some idea if you would like to attend before Wednesday (12 November). Please contact the CIoJ at memberservices@cioj.co.uk or on 020 7252 1187.


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  1. Wyn Freedman November 10, 2014 at 12:15 pm · ·

    Sorry to hear Robin has died. Didn’t know he was ill. Please send my condolences to his family.

  2. Robert Benson November 10, 2014 at 8:42 pm · ·

    Robin was a very good friend of mine for more than 35 years when we worked together in Leeds on the Yorkshire Post – him as the Business Correspondent and myself in charge of farming. He was very proud of his position and when they banned smoking in the office you could always find him in all weathers sat outside in his car with laptop on his knee. I would join him regularly in the passenger seat, wearing my sheepskin in winter and listen to his ramblings about how the running of the office was getting worse. He was a star reporter and covered many major stories outside his remit for the YP such as the miners’ strike and the Battle of Orgreave when the miners’, led by Arthur Scargill , clashed with the police. I will always remember my good friend for the fun we had together and also for him helping anyone in need and particularly myself following a stroke. Please Rest in Peace.
    Robert Benson.

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