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24 September 2012


Claim your share of over £3 million in Payback royalties

DACS has a share of over £3 million in Payback royalties to pay to Chartered Institute of Journalists’ members whose work has been reproduced in UK books and magazines or broadcast on certain UK television channels.

Last year the average royalty payment made to a CIoJ member was £380 and the highest payment was £865. What’s more anyone who makes a successful Payback claim is guaranteed a minimum of £25.

Payback royalties come from revenue generated through various UK collective licensing schemes and include the photocopying of books and magazines by local government departments, universities and other businesses. DACS negotiates a share of this collective licensing revenue which we distribute to thousands of visual artists each year through Payback.

CIoJ members now have until 31st October 2012 to claim their share and those who qualify for Payback will receive their royalties in December.

The easiest way to claim is to fill in a form online at www.dacs.org.uk/for-artists/payback.

Alternatively they can request a paper claim form by contacting DACS on 020 7553 9099 or payback@dacs.org.uk

Further information about Payback can be found at www.dacs.org.uk/for-artists/payback




Notes for editors:

  1. Established by artists for artists, DACS (the Design and Artists Copyright Society) is a not-for-profit visual artist rights management organisation. DACS offers three rights management services – Payback, the Artist’s Resale Right and Copyright Licensing– in addition to lobbying, advocacy and legal advice for visual artists.
  2. Payback royalties come from various collective licensing schemes. Collective licensing is used in situations where it would be difficult or near impossible for photographers and other artists to licence their rights on an individual basis, e.g. when a university wants to photocopy pages from a book or magazine that features their work.
  3. As a not for profit organisation, DACS retains a share of the Payback royalties we collect on behalf of artists to cover our costs. Since 2008, we have been reducing the percentage of revenue we retain for Payback by 1% each year: from 24% in 2008, to 20% in 2012.



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