[frame align=”right”]CIoJ logo[/frame]Today the Chartered Institute of Journalists broadly welcomes the Leveson Report on The Culture, Practices and Ethics of the Press.

It was particularly heartened to hear Lord Justice Leveson ask Government to enshrine in law and promote the right to a free press.

President of the Chartered Institute of Journalists (CIoJ), Norman Bartlett, said:”Lord Leveson overwhelmingly supported the evidence that we gave to his inquiry which cleared the vast majority of the press from the phone hacking scandal and that statutory legislation would not have stopped what went wrong.

“By joining the CIoJ our members already sign up to the Code of Editors and the standards it promotes and so we will look in detail at any changes.”

Leveson was also very clear that the contribution of local newspapers was “truly without parallel” and criticisms raised in the inquiry “do not affect them”.

Within the 2,000-page report there is a recommendation for government not to interfere with the Press save by providing law to support a self-regulatory model. That model will be created by the Press but not run by the Press.

Norman added: “We also welcome the Prime Minister’s statement to Parliament in which he recognized the need for caution in implementing any legislation which might be used either, now or in the future, to regulate the Press.

“Naturally we will consider the contents of the report in more detail, and seek our members views. The Institute looks forward to playing a full role in helping formulate the self regulatory model.”

The Report is available free online:-http://www.official-documents.gov.uk/document/hc1213/hc07/0779/0779.pdf


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