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  • Clare Hollingworth 1911-2017 ‘the undisputed doyenne of war correspondents’

    I’m not frightened of shot and shell quite frankly. Just happens I am not! You have an anti-flak jacket and I used to take mine and put it underneath my behind, double, because the shots would be from the ground most likely. Institute member Clare Hollingworth achieved legendary status in her journalistic career. She lived…

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  • Prison whistleblower fights on to UK Supreme Court

    The former Belmarsh prison whistleblower, Robert Norman, is appealing to the UK Supreme Court over his conviction under Operation Elveden for taking money for stories on Britain’s prison crisis. He lost at the Court of Appeal in November 2016, but his campaign for exoneration, which is supported by the Institute, has been taken up by…

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  • Donald Trump and Journalists, ‘or another beauty!’

    It is something of an understatement to say that the inauguration of a Donald Trump has begun a new chapter in US Presidential and media relations. The message from the new President is getting louder and clearer. He thinks many journalists are dishonest, and peddlers of ‘fake news.’ He has his favourites. For example, Fox…

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  • Snoops and Spooks – ‘Big Brother’ implications for journalists

    Apart from the government, it seems nobody has anything good to say about the Investigatory Powers Act 2016, otherwise known as the ‘Snoopers’ Charter.’ And not even the present government seems very enthusiastic about the Law Commission’s ‘consultation’ document for a new Espionage Act to protect official data. This threatens to reform all the Official…

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  • Reforming FOI to unlock the secrets of intelligence history

    There has been some good news on the FOI front with the new Information Commissioner, Elizabeth Denham, saying she supports the expansion of the Act to include private companies that provide public services. The UK’s FOI system, has been described by Tony Blair, the Prime Minister who introduced it, as his greatest mistake. He thought he…

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  • Institute backs prison service whistleblower

    The Institute has expressed its support for a former Belmarsh Prison Officer and trade union representative jailed in Operation Elveden, the Metropolitan Police operation investigating journalists who paid public official sources. Most of the journalists have been acquitted or told they will not be charged. This was the case with the Daily Mirror and News…

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