Release date: 3 July 2009


The CIoJ deplores the arrest by the Iranian Authorities of more than 30 journalists and the expulsion of some foreign reporters.   The Chartered Institute urges the immediate release of all  journalists arrested during the current political turmoil and the cancellation of the expulsion orders.

Dominic Cooper, General secretary, said: “Democracy cannot be served by gagging the messengers and if the Iranian authorities wish to project their state as a democracy on the world stage, freeing the press (and the press men and women) would be a better way of going about that quest.”

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  1. Patrick Emek July 9, 2009 at 12:18 pm · ·

    Mr Ali Mazroui, the Head of the Association of Iranian Journalists, was arrested Sunday morning,June 21.
    It is clear that the Iranian Government, after a sham electoral process, have now embarked on systematic mass terror against opposition politicians and prominent supporters to force the majority of the Iranian people to accept President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as the winner of the Iranian General Election.
    The Iranian people have already made their views known and their demands for a new election have been met with mass arrests, imprisonments and mass beatings of supporters by unofficial para-military groups – which can clearly be deemed as mass terror and torture – sanctioned by President Ahmadinejad.
    There is hardly a government in the world which lacks legitimacy to the extent that the current Iranian Government does-North Korea excluded.
    Top Cleric supporters and Ayatollahs in the making,from their hideout in Qu’um, and hiding behind Ahmadinejad to avoid the consequences to themselves and their families, have made it known that it is Allah’s will to destroy Israel, then ‘the Great Satan’ (America) with nuclear weapons.
    My own opinion is that President Obama’s offer of a new beginning with Iran has been met not only with derision by these Clerics but also with such a sense of horror and incredulity by the Clerics at the election of such a President through the will of the vast majority of ordinary American people in a real open democracy,that their only recourse is to find new ‘demons’ before the Iranian people start to think for themselves about the lies they have been fed by these Clerics and their surrogates in government about America and Americans for the past 30 years.
    We are quickly running out of options with regard to Iran.
    It is inconceivable, in the world in which we live, to allow any country with the avowed aim of using nuclear technology for mass destruction, to allow such programs to come online.
    There will come a time when critical decisions will have to be made because once such technology is up and running a whole new spectre of terror will engulf the Shia and Sunni world from the Caucasus to the Gulf, from the Muslim countries bordering Russia to Pakistan and it is also likely to unleash bushfires of forces in these regions and throughout the world whose directions are not easy to predicate, but the fears and passions they will evoke and motivate, most certainly are.
    We must show our solidarity with the ordinary Iranian people who want peace and security and who distance themselves from the apostates of Islam in Tehran and Qu’um.
    We should also make it known that we will do everything in our power to support the democratic forces within Iran in their struggle for civil rights and justice and that any actions taken are not against the Iranian people but as an attempt to contain the insanity which will prevail if the policies of these Clerics (who take the inspiration for their nuclear program and it’s direction from their interpretation of Allah’s word in the Koran) and their surrogate politicians are allowed to succeed.

    Patrick Emek
    Freelance Division

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