2016 CIoJ AGM - Bournemouth, 15 October

All members are welcome to attend the Institute’s AGM, which will take place on 15 October, at the Royal Bath Hotel, Bournemouth.

The day will start at 12.30pm with a buffet lunch, followed by the formal agenda at 1.30pm.  A draft agenda may be found here.

There will be an informal evening meal which all members are invited to atten.

Below you will find links to various reports about the Institute’s work over the last year, together with an agenda for the day – which includes motions to be discussed – and details of the work of the Institute’s charities.

AGM agenda

Download or view the agenda for the AGM here.

2015 agm report

Details of last year’s AGM (2015) can be found here.

2015 annual report

Read about the work of the Institute over the last year, including the work of our charitable funds.

2015 accounts

A summary of the financial statements for 2015.  Members may request a full copy of the accounts from head office.

2015 IoJ[TU] annual return

Here you may download the annual report of the Institute of Journalists [Trade Union].