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Founded in1884, we are an independent organisation that promotes standards and ethics throughout the profession. There are many benefits to membership that not only look after you, but your family, too.

What we do...

The are three parts to the work we do on behalf of our members and, where necessary, their families; the professional role, the trade union role and the charitable role.  Here you will find a brief description of the work with links to further details…

The professional side of the CIoJ works to protect our members in the wider work remit.  We represent our members interests in the industry, such as representaion on the British Copyright Council and British Photographic Council, as well as the numerous government inquiries into the media industry, such as the Leveson Inquiry.  We issue the National Press Card and an International Press card to qualifying members, and members may use the postnominals ‘MCIJ’ to demonstrate their professional credentials.

More details of CIoJ protection

The IoJ [trade union] looks after our members interests in the work place.  For qualifying members this would include advice on employment issues (disciplinary, redundancy etc),  representation at employment hearings and support through tribunal claims if necessary.

More details of IoJ[TU] protection

The Institute runs four charities on behalf of our members and their families:  the Benevolent Fund, the OakHill and TP O’Connor Fund, the Orphan Fund and the Pension Fund.  Support can be provided to any member who has fallen on hard times covering a range of difficulties – financial hardship, interest free loans to support the purchase of stolen equipment, convalesence and the education of children sho have lost parents through death or incapacity.

Grades of membership

Below you will find a list of membership categories and the requirements you must fulfil in order to gain membership.  Don’t forget to look at the membership deals we have on at the moment and if you have any queries you may call, +44 (0)20 7252 1187, or email memberservices@cioj.co.uk .

Full member

Full members qualify for full benefits of membership including Press cards, employment protection and support from our funds.  Candidates must be solely employed in Journalism or Public Relations for more than one year, or their main source of income is from Journalistic activities.  Subscription rate – £199 pa

International member

International members qualify for most benefits of membership except for employment protection.  They qualify for Press cards and support from our funds.  Available to those who apply for FULL membership but who live overseas or work for an overseas employer.  Subscription rate – £136 pa

Trainee membership

Trainee members receive full benefits of members, as a Full member,  However, it is only available to candidates who are solely employed in Journalism or Public Relations but who do not possess the one year’s experience for full membership. After a period of one year they will automatically become a Full Member. Subscription rate £99.50. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

Affiliate membership

Affiliate membership is not a professional grade of membership.  As such Affiliate members DO NOT qualify for a Press card.  It is available to those who work at least part-time in an area related to Journalism. Affiliates receive little legal support, which will be limited to their journalistic work only.  Subscription rate – £136 pa

Student membership

Available to those candidates who are on a full-time training course or scheme in Journalism or Public Relations which is recognised by the Institute. If you are applying for Student membership, please enclose details of the University and course being attended.  Subscription rate – £10 for two years – more details

What our members say...

I have been a freelance journalist for years and never realised the extent to which I could gain advice and support from the Institute on so many aspects...
CIoJ member
I can think of no other insurance policy costing less than 45p a day which ot only protects your job, but gives you so much free advice and help. It has got to be a bargain...
CIoJ member
In a world dominated by large institutions it is a pleasure to belong to an organisation where individual views still count
CIoJ member

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